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"My partner and I were in crisis mode when I found Maureen Gilbert's flyer.  Out of desperation I called her and with expert guidance, we were able to navigate our relationship away from the certainly of dissolution to a position of healthy interaction.  I would call it a miraculous transformation and it occurred over a relatively short period of time.  Maureen combined her wealth of financial savvy with her keen knowledge of relationship dynamics to help us change our behaviors.   She treated us with equal respect and made herself available to explain all the confusing feelings that arose in us as our behavior began to change."  

Sandy, Bremerton, WA

April 2015

"I sought Maureen's help after I left yet one more dysfunctional relationship where I was doing all the giving (i.e. paying for everything) and he was doing all the taking.  I wanted to break this pattern before finding a new partner.  What I came to realize however is that my own patterns and sabotage with financial success existed whether I was in a relationship or not.  Still I was baffled as to why I could make money, sure, but I couldn't seem to manage it, keep it, or grow it.  I certainly didn't feel comfortable with it or feel like I understood it very well.  The combination of the well structured course, supporting course materials and Maureen's highly insightful guidance and support got me looking hard at the shadows under those un-turned stones in my soul.  Together we shone light into the places where my negative beliefs, stories and patterning were hiding -  allowing me to see these hidden assassins clearly and without shame.  We also discovered seams of gold - my financial strengths - and brought them out into the spotlight. Equipped with tools to utilize my strengths and work gently with shifting my negative patterns I feel confident about my financial future.  This in itself is a monumental shift!  Thank you Maureen."

Mira Rao, Perth, Australia

February, 2015

"My husband and I have been married for 15 years, but our big arguments has always been about money. It’s a particularly vulnerable issue for me personally. In working with Maureen, she helped me look at painful and shameful feelings I had regarding money and move beyond guilt to solutions. The communication between my husband and I has improved immensely. I feel in control of my reactions to money triggers and my confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. Thanks Maureen!"
Lisa Fioresi,
PartnerCalifornia Eye Instruments


My experience with Maureen Gilbert has been nothing short of amazing, not only has she helped me to reorganise my finances she has actually transformed my entire life. I would highly recommend Maureen's services to anyone wanting to stream line their lives.
Penny Horne , International Business Woman
London, UK

"Maureen, thank you for our Money Coaching sessions. You were so intuitively accurate on what needed to be shed, and what needed to be brought forward more from within me to enhance my natural wealth-generating ability. I particularly loved the work around the archetypes, and which ones were healthy and active, and which one was not getting engaged at all! That awareness led to some very specific, grounded next steps that were just right for me, and have allowed me to integrate my inner work with my outer actions and habits. You are a powerful resource that helps with the practical bridging of the spiritual and physical worlds when it comes to money and wealth. Thank you!"
Lisa Berkovitz
Founder, Project Sweet Spot

"I was blessed to have the opportunity to take the Money Coaching series with Maureen. I was surprised when I recalled money issues from my family of origin. As long as I can remember, my parents have always had money so I did not feel like my money obstacles came from my birth family. Maureen helped me to identify my blockages & shift them once & for all. Maureen is a very intuitive mentor who brings compassion & non-judgment to her work. Since taking the course with Maureen, my business has flourished. I am very grateful for the work & experiences that I had with Maureen. I would highly recommend taking this course regardless of whether you have an abundance of money or are struggling with abundance issues. Either way you will receive clarity around money."
Charlene Leyland
Bioenergetic Analyst, Educator and Colour Therapist
Vancouver, Canada

"I had the wonderful opportunity to take the money coaching series from Maureen Gilbert and I have to say it is eye opening. No matter where you are on your journey, no matter how many layers you have worked on already about money and your business, this series brought even more to light that is very helpful.Other than being a great asset in your life I love that it is also very personalized to your life and your situations. Maureen’s expertise and added intuitive skills to the series, this is a must do if you want to make great change."
​Anne Angelheart,

 "Working through the Money Coaching Core Process with Maureen was a refreshing and enlightening experience. Not only did we identify the obstacles that were holding me back from realizing financial abundance, I left feeling inspired and equipped with the tools and to jump into the next chapter. Maureen’s coaching style is intimate and supportive and thorough. She possesses the natural ability to distill her client’s greatest strengths and passions, while helping them to shed old patterns in order to translate everything into a new and abundant life course."J. Woodall, Cofounder The Odyssey Institute