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Money Coaching for Couples, Individuals & Families

Don't make two lawyers rich!  The emotional loss and stress of a divorce is upsetting enough.  While  the financial ramifications of splitting up assets and income are sometimes sobering the process can be handled with grace if you and your soon to be ex spouse are willing to work together.  Lawyers are an important part of the process but you don't need to dwindle your financial resources having two lawyers fight over your money issues.  By working with a money coach before, during and sometimes after the divorce we can work out the money issues collaboratively often saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees.  We will look at the practical piece of - what is owned and owed; what you need realistically to live on; budgeting; career planning etc.  - but also the emotional work to help work thru your fears, values and needs.  Often once these are addressed the underlying question of "how to split things up" becomes easy to manage.  

During a Divorce

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Deciding to spend your life with someone is a significant and special milestone.  Unfortunately, couples rarely take the time to evaluate each others deeply held values, beliefs and patterns around money.  You probably wouldn't entrust your heart to someone without understanding their attitudes towards fidelity, having children, or issues of faith.  Why shouldn't you discuss your desires and assumptions regarding spending, saving and earning money as well.  

To make matters worse, even if you had those conversations our beliefs and patterns around money are often unconscious and unexamined.  Perhaps this is a 2nd or 3rd marriage and you understand how money issues can impact a relationship.  However you don't know how to discuss them without triggering your partner or appearing to be "unromantic" or insincere.  By doing this work as a couple we can identify potential conflicts and problems areas and put in place concrete strategies to make sure that money issues are  minimized.  Once you are on the same page about what you earn, save and spend you can relax and focus on the fun and joy of being together.

Maybe you're single but are tired of money issues sabotaging your life and how you pick a partner.  This work is transformational for Individuals as well as couples.

One of you is a saver - the other a spender.  One of you thinks the kids need a private school education - the other thinks public school is just fine.  One of you has lost a job; wants a career change or is thinking about retiring.  All of these can cause serious rifts in your relationship.  When this issues aren't dealt with they can fester and destroy the natural love and affection you have for each other.  

Why do we let Money get in the way of our Love?  It's simple ~ Money is how we "survive" in our modern world.  When we are out of sync with our partners around money - this can be deeply triggering.  Money fights rank as the #1 source of conflict for couples.  We can get you and your partner working together on financial issues before they destroy the love and intimacy of your marriage. This work is profoundly deep but also practical and action oriented.  

You don't have to be in a "conventional marriage" or even have commingled assets or finances to still have issues.

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Family Work

Life changes within a family can cause incredible financial issues that aren't easy to manage alone.  Inheriting money, deciding to draw up a will or trust, navigating the complicated world of blended families - all of these have underlying financial implications and issues that need to be addressed.

​Maybe you have a late teen or early adult whose money skills worry you.  Maybe there are "failure to launch" issues.  All of these can be addressed within the framework of our money coaching sessions.